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We are attorneys in Carrollton, Dallas TX that represent landlords and property managers for residential and commercial evictions. As the top Dallas eviction attorneys, we understand the urgency of your situation and the concerns you face with tenants that are not paying the rent. We make your eviction a priority as time is important so that you do not sustain any further losses also let us work for you to recover the losses you have already experienced. Evictions are time critical, we will file the Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit right away. We keep our clients completely informed of the status of their case.

Why Use Our Eviction Attorneys in Carrollton, Dallas TX

As a law firm, we handle real east law and Unlawful Detainer lawsuits. Our primary objective is to get the investment back under your control. We are experts in the eviction process for Dallas and we will provide you with all the legal expertise needed to get the rent paid or the property secured. Our Dallas legal team will process all your eviction requirements for properties in Dallas County. We understand the importance of your investment and will work diligently to provide you with the best possible service.

Here is what we do for Landlords:

  • We are experts in Landlord-Tenant Law
  • We handle Single-family, Multifamily, and Commercial properties
  • We serve only landlords with Unlawful Detainer lawsuit cases
  • We prepare the eviction notice and have the tenant(s) served
  • We file Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit at the courts
  • We attend the court to represent the landlord and his property
  • We execute the WRIT of Possession and recover the property if necessary
  • We represent all appeals to court if necessary

The Carrollton, Dallas Eviction Process

An eviction is not complicated but there are legal procedures that must be followed. Such as; the correct information on the eviction notice to be delivered to the tenant, the court documents that are prepared for the Unlawful Detainer lawsuit and the trial representation in court, particularly if the tenant has attorney representation. We are familiar with the judges and understand the differences in how each handles the eviction cases before them so that you have the best representation at trial. You want everything handled professionally because if anything is not presented correctly it can easily turn against you and cause the case to be dismissed, which will lead to delays and more cost.

Call Now And Get Legal Expertise Working for You Personal Eviction Services to Protect Your Investment! We Only Serve Landlords Call (972) 849-1035 As a Dallas law firm, we are the best eviction attorney you will find, specializing in providing landlords with an eviction service they can trust, with years of experience; there hasn’t been an issue we haven’t seen before. There are several types of evictions notices that we serve. Understanding your situation will enable us to deliver the proper notice to get you lawsuit started on the right footing. If they do not respond appropriately to the notice served, we will file with the courts to save you the aggravation.

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As an Eviction Law Firm in Carrollton, Dallas Texas and servicing all of Dallas/Fort Worth, We know how to handle your case

We can help you get the rent or determine if the tenants are just trying to game the system to stay as long as possible living rent-free at your expense. Our legal team will prepare all the paperwork (you have to get this right). You will be represented by us before the judge, it is not necessary to appear in court unless there is the need for a witness testimony. The judge makes the determination after hearing both sides of the case and then a judgment is given. We have a solid track record in processing evictions. If after 5 days they do not leave the property we will serve the WRIT of Possession to get your house back. Help Me Get Started On My Eviction Do you know about the law for evictions in Carrollton TX As an Eviction Law Firm in Carrollton TX, We know how to get the rent owed you our your property back. When we deliver a formal eviction notice in Dallas and surrounding Dallas County the tenant will immediately recognize us as a law firm that is serious and will follow through with the eviction if the rent is not paid or they do not move out. They are not dealing with the landlord anymore that may perhaps be sympathetic to them. This will get their attention and we will take action. All games come to an end when an eviction attorney is called in to handle the case. Renters recognize they need to pay the rent or get out of the property so that they will not be taken to a JP Court in Dallas County. Most occupants do not want this on their records.

WRIT of Possession in Carrollton, Dallas TX

There are times run into really difficult tenants that refuse to leave the residence. This is when you absolutely need our help because we have the experience in dealing with those difficult situations. In many cases, though this is avoided when we prosecute the case because they realize that trying to stay is a losing battle and opening themselves up for more lawsuit judgments later. But if they persist we will help you get them out of your property. Start the eviction process now to avoid lengthy delays and unforeseen problems. Call for assistance with your eviction and speak to an attorney. Most problems can be avoided by letting us handle the entire eviction process for you. Wasting time and losing money is not the reason you became a landlord.

Dallas Eviction Process: We Get Results for Dallas Landlords

Our attorneys will provide you best service so that we can give you a successful outcome of the eviction. We need to state that all the information given to us must be up-to-date and accurate. The law is on your side as a landlord that has not been paid the rent or there are flagrant lease violations, but sometimes the courts are sympathetic to the tenants and if it appears that any information provided does not support the claims of the landlord a case can be lost. This is why our expertise is extremely valuable to assure that when we go to court we have an air-tight case. As such, the process of using the court systems and the prosecution of an eviction can be frustrating to anyone not fully experienced. Even minor issues can potentially derail your case, you won’t know about those until it is too late. We know and understand the pitfalls that may hinder any prosecution. So every day you wait is money you are losing. We can help you get those tenants out and your rent owed or your house back! Contact us today and let’s get started.