Eviction for a Tenant Not Paying the Rent

Rental income from properties is a source of income from for most property owners here in Dallas. You rent out your property to someone to get the rent paid monthly and on time. However, before you rent out your property, you should know about the eviction process and the Notice to Pay or Quit eviction notice.

As long as the tenant is paying rent your investment is paying for itself. But when the lessee stops paying the rent that’s when life starts to get rough and if you don’t have enough cash in the bank you become late on the mortgage.  In this case, as a landlord, you will need to send the eviction notice and start the eviction process.  Hopefully, when they get the notice they pay the rent. Now as the landlord, you do not have to give them another chance and if you want to evict them you don’t have to wait.  On the first day of non-payment, you can start the eviction. You will have to serve an eviction notice. It is more like an ultimatum to the tenant. Either you pay the rent that is due within three days or you will pursue other legal options to get possession of your property in Dallas.

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Now, once you have sent the eviction notice you need to make sure that you give the renter three working days to reply. Now if he fails to reply to the notice within the prescribed time period as a property owner you can pursue legal options. In Texas the property owner cannot use any form of force nor can he cut out the major utilities to get the tenant out.  He will have to issue a three-day eviction notice to the tenant if it is for non-payment of rent.

Once the Dallas Eviction Notice to Vacate has been delivered

It is only after this the property owner can file with the courts to have the tenant evicted.  You will have to go through the legal process to take possession of your property.  Since the renter chose not to pay the rent within three days you can now take them to court to get possession of your property.

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